We sell only the best, USDA Choice beef! Any way you want it, you can have it! It’s what we do!

    • Signature Cuts

    • Prime Rib

      Choice Boneless and Choice Bone-In. “Prime” is available by special order through the Butcher Shop and may require a deposit

      People always ask, so we obliged to share our simple "Basic" Prime Rib Recipe! Check it out HERE!

    • Brisket

      Another great cut for the BBQ

    • Top Sirloin

      A great cut for the broiler

    • Ribeye

      A flavorful cut brimming with flavor. Boneless and Bone-In.

    • London Broil

    • T-Bone

    • Porterhouse

    • Flank Steak

      A thick steak great for the BBQ

    • Signature Hamburger Patties

    • Blue Cheese Burgers

      Generously loaded with deep, robust, aged, Blue Cheese

    • Filet Burgers

      Mouthwatering! Extreme, rich flavor

    • Mexican Burgers

      Warning! These burgers are NOT for wimps!

    • Hawaiian Burgers

      Tasty, sweet bits of pineapple in every bite

    • Beef Specialties

    • Marinated Tri-Tip Varieties

      Mesquite, Burgundy, Korean, Cajun, Chile Lime and Yukon Gold (popularly known as “Black Rock”)


      Unlike Black Rock, The Rubicon takes tri-tip to a whole new level! Exclusive to Blue Ribbon Meat & Butcher Shop. An AMAZING addition to our Marinated Tri-Tip line-up!!!

    • Coulotte

      Versatile, tender, lean & juicy. This is Tri-Tips only “competition” … which is your favorite?