The Crew

Did you know that many “supermarkets” meat now ships to their stores already having been cut and packaged before arriving at their stores? The “Meat Cutters” job is to take the Pre-Packaged meat out of the box and put it into the meat case which requires no meat cutting whatsoever. Have you ever asked for a special cut at the local chain store and left with something different or been given an excuse that didn’t quite seem to make sense to you? The culprit is usually lack of knowledge and/or experience.

Our staff, combined, has over 150 years of meat “experience.” Cutting meat is becoming a lost talent among the meat industry, which makes our crew uniquely special. Individually and as a whole, our team has an abundance of knowledge, cutting experience, and good work ethic. Equally important are their individual personalities which easily translates into the following: Rarely is there a dull moment and even more rare would be a boring day! From quiet and reserved, to people pleasing and ambitious, we very proudly employ a pretty amazing staff!


Butcher Shop Manager & Master Chef


Wholesale Supervisor



Butcher & Sausage Expert


Behind the Scenes Butcher and Wholesale

He’s the expert at making bacon wrapped & cream cheese stuffed-jalapeno poppers


Customer Service Clerk

Dana Taylor

Executive Office Specialist, more commonly known as Scott's wife

Scott Taylor