Big Game Processing

We know that Big Game Processing can be a difficult, frustrating & tedious task, especially if you don’t have the components necessary to get the job done correctly. Along with many years of meat cutting experience and knowledge, we also have everything required for processing game with precision and expediency. Not exclusive to “Big Game”, our processing service extends to all species such as but not limited to: pig and boar for those who want fresh smoked bacon (peppered, honey or applewood) or ham, all the way to processing that fresh “Catch of the Day!” In addition to the basic cut and wrap, we also make Specialty Items such as salami, sausage and snack sticks.*

You did the hard part, now let us do the rest! Go take a little time to relax and recoup now that you’re back from that big adventure!

* Specialty items are an additional cost not included in the basic cut & wrap price. They are made to order using your harvested animal upon your instruction.

2017 Game Processing Pricing

Big Game Tags must accompany ALL game brought in for processing and kept with the animal for the duration of time we have it in our possession. A customer cannot leave an animal without the tag; Nevada Law states that a big game tag must remain with the largest portion of the animal at all times.

* There are no exceptions!

Cut & Vacuum Packed
* (This price does not include “Specialty Items” or “Grinds”)
Bull Elk$300
Cow Elk$250
Ground Burger
Elk, Antelope or Deer$1.00/lb
Any misc. Game Meat “Combinations” (more than one kind of game animal)$1.50/lb
Specialty Items
Breakfast Sausage$1.50/Lb
Italian Sausage$1.50/Lb
Snack Sticks (Regular or Spicy)$10.99/Lb