Rubs & Spices

Our Rubs are made with superior quality ingredients, always fresh, and uniquely tantalizing!

    • Blue Ribbon Meat & Butcher Shop Signature Rubs

    • Ultimate Steakhouse Prime Rib Rub

    • St. Louis BBQ Rib Rub

    • Rustic Rosemary & Garlic Rub

      OUTSTANDING on lamb, beef and poultry

    • Pomegranate Bell Pepper Rub

      Our newest addition!

    • Memphis BBQ Rub

    • Kickin’ Maple Honey Rub

      Maple, Honey and a Kick…

    • Kansas City Steak Rub

    • Jamaican Jerk Rub

    • Honey Mustard Rub

    • Cranberry Herb Rub

      A perfect blend of Cranberries and herbs … Compliments Turkey, Chicken and Pork

    • Cajun Rub

    • Buffalo Wing Rub

    • Beer Can Chicken Rub

    • Blue Ribbon Meat & Butcher Shop Signature Spices & Seasonings

    • Taco Seasoning

    • Sloppy Joe Mix

    • Fajita Seasoning

    • Ultimate Steakhouse Burger Seasoning

    • Pulled Pork Seasoning

    • Poultry Seasoning

    • Jalapeno Powder

    • Italian Seasoning

    • Super Hot Cayenne Pepper